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Treat yourself :) (aka impulsive purchase – and no apologies)

Sometimes (as in, rarely, probably) you’ve got to treat yourself. I’m not talking a cheeky bar of your fave chocolate bar or bottle of vino rouge. Nope, I’m talking a proper treat in a ‘what the hell’ kind of way. This treat is a bit more considered than the one you might have given or allowed yourself pre-children or when you earnt super-duper amounts of ££££’s, when money was, of course, no object.

Instead, this treat makes you feel a bit wild (blimey, if this is wild!!) and certainly makes you feel a bit naughty because actually, you really don’t need it – you simply want it (and anyway, actually, it doesn’t break the bank so you can totally justify it). So, I’m talking the sort of treat where, you know, you go into a shop to buy a pressie for someone else but then you spot it – the one – a lust-after-but-not-needed ‘thing’. Simply, love at first sight – you need in your life – end of. Irrational as it is – these little one-offs are super-important and you totally deserve.

So before you know it, ninja-style, you’re at the check-out, feeling deliciously content – a little something just for you. It’s now yours. A simple (and not-allowed-too-often but, often cheap-and-cheerful) pleasure – enjoy.

ps – my simple and not-a-necessity-in-my-life-but-I-want-it purchase was a cute velvet star purse (doesn’t every girl need one?) by Lua 🙂


In-car essentials …

You know how it is. It’s 7.52am and joy, of joys, you’re on the school run. We face and survive it every day, however, every single day, without fail, as we’re all piling in to the car (squabbling over who’s going to sit where, who’s turn it is to sit in the front passenger seat blah blah blah (I’m good at zoning out now!)), my heart slightly sinks a bit with dread …

It’s the same old story – we get going (everyone’s is seated where they need to be), and then Child A sneezes – needs a tissue … I find one stuffed in the side of the car door (not sure how long it’s been there but …it’ll do). Child B has forgotten a snack for break-time … I rummage around in my work bag and pull out a slightly-squished ‘seen-better-days’ banana (think more black than yellow) – Child B is NOT happy. Child A sneezes again – another tissue is needed – urgently! Arghhh – I frantically, and one-handed (I’m TRYING to drive!!!), rummage around in the car door (pretty much this car door contains everything) and my bag – the only option is tissue recycling. All is well. Until, in a queue of traffic, a casual glance at Child C’s school shoes proves disastrous (why did I look?) – they are vile and disgusting and need a quick wet-wipe clean NOW (naturally wet-wipes are nowhere to be found …). Best option at this point is to turn the radio up – loud.

So, now, I pledge that my car shall always contain the following at all times:

wetwipes (perfect for grubby shoes, faces, hands and car interiors)
anti-bac handwash
– snacks (think teeny in-car ‘vending machine’ containing non-easily-squished foods: boxes of raisins, school bars, breadsticks, apples …)
– chewing gum (for queasy kids and cross mummies)
– plastic bags for all the rubbish (because, yes, our car floor is absolutely not a dustbin as far as my kids are concerned and they absolutely, always pick their rubbish up and carefully place in said plastic bag – obvs)

Happy school running everyone 🙂 x

The end of the ‘working’ week – hooray – you’ve made it …

… now all mummy needs is (any one of the following):

A large (home-poured) g&t

a 1L bottle of Gordon’s (love Gordon!) is currently on offer at the good ol’ Co-Op for £19.00
a 1L bottle of Bombay Dry London is £17 – track it down at your local Sainsbury’s 🙂
whip along to Waitrose to grab a 1L bottle of Bombay Sapphire (love!) for only £17.70!!

A glass (or more – probably!) of bubbly, fizzy stuff

Sainsbury’s have an offer on their Edizione 789 Di Mondelli Prosecco 75cl (it’s super-yum) – it’s £6.75 (normally £10) – sounds like a deal-breaker to me!
hot-foot it to Mr Tesco and grab a chilled bottle of Plaza Centro Prosecco 75cl for £6.50 a bottle.
amble (as in rush!) over to your nearest Asda and stock up on their Extra Special Prosecco – it’s another £6.50 bottle!

Decisions … (basically, which supermarket is closest …).

Happy Friday 🙂 x

Mummy needs a bath (bomb)!

You know you deserve it! Instead of your usual jump-in-and-out-functional-shower, make time (ha!) in your life for a once-a-week (more like once in a blue moon?!) soakette in a blissful bath accompanied only by one of these super la la bath bombs by UrbanSoapsmith – they literally sound good enough to eat and are, simply the best – go treat yourself (shh, don’t tell the kids, or partner …). This is serious (and much-deserved) you time …

And, close your eyes, sink in and reeeeeeelax (until you open your eyes to see a small child (one of yours obvs) has suddenly appeared by the side of the bath – arghhhh, how long have they been there for?!) – ho hum! x

bath bombs etsy

From ‘always’ to trying to be ‘’

Arghhhh! Juggling lots and spinning too many plates generally equals mild chaos and stressy feelings rising up through my body … Which also means I’m less likely to be a bit healthy when it comes to foody choices if I’m out-and-about or on the go. At times like this (at some point most days actually) I’m very likely to be a bit naughty and ‘treat’ myself to some kind of sugary/fatty/chocolatey hit, and whilst super-satisfying at the time, when I step on the bathroom scales after a few days of these ‘I’m-stressed-therefore-I-deserve-something-naughty’ moments, I’m not sure how come I’m always a bit surprised at what the scales are telling me (it’s not good news).

In a rare moment of ‘inspiration’ (actually, it was more a case of the bathroom scales screaming at me to stop this ridiculous naughtiness!), I decided a few weeks ago that this cycle had to stop! Time to bring out the big guns (aka preparing a load of yummy but healthier snackettes for cow-like grazing). I’ve basically realised that for me, being prepared is pretty much the key to making a difference between success and failure – of the food variety at least – if I’m rushed I’ll grab whatever and my will-power will descend rapidly to nil-power … Having ready-prepared healthy bits to hand helps me massively 🙂 and helps set me up for a chance at healthy eating during the week (hooray!).

I love things like pots of cherry tomatoes, chopped pineapple and grapes (perfect for time-poor moments); boiled eggs (easy-peasy and super-filling); home-made falafels – try the Slimming World version (umm, massive YUM!); pots of Hartley’s 10 cal jelly pots and homemade sweet potato chips (just make a large quantity using Fry-light and bung in a container for on-the-go nibbling) … Happy grazing 🙂 x

Pucker up please! Mwah!

I always used to be a smudgy-black-eyeliner-and-lashings-of-mascara kind of girl (think Claudia Winkleman style super-dark-panda-eyes). Lip balm was a dead-cert (I literally cannot survive without a handy pot of vaseline close by me at all times – it’s my comfort blanket!) but full-on coloured lipstick – too scary and for grown-ups and magazine model and celeb types only – surely?

My new found love affair with bright red lips started definitely post-divorce and by chance really; I was browsetting in my local Superdrug wishing I could still afford those lovely but far too (for me now in a post-divorce world) expensive branded skincare brands and make up … There was a teenagery girl near me wearing a bright red lipstick – she had the same colouring as me – I had to know what her lipstick secret was. What brand? How did she carry off the confidence to wear red lipstick? I quite possibly sounded like a complete mentalist but that didn’t stop me asking lots of questions – and before she knew it, this poor girl, who had innocently stumbled upon a mid-life-crisis crazy woman, was advising me on the perfect red for me 🙂

Ta dah!! Between us, two random strangers, we found it (it’s a cheapie because that was, and still is, where I’m at right now) – I love it: No 530 Fatal Red by Maybelline (probably aimed at teens but being confidently worn by this 40-something-year-old!). And I’ve never looked back 🙂 I love red lips – they make you feel confident, sexy and energised and they brighten your skin and face (hooray!) – now pucker up please! x

My red:

fatal red

Mama cooooool

I’m not usually the on-trend sort (it generally takes me a good couple of years to accept any kind of new fashion-trend, by which time it’s usually no longer considered anywhere near the ‘must-have’ by the cool kids). But, if like me, you’d just occasionally like to be in on the cool-kids secrets at the very beginning (and before the masses have spotted these cool must-haves), then this is for all you not-usually-so-cool mama’s 🙂 Selfish Mother have the best super-cool T’s and sweaters – your cool credentials will take you off to a whole other level of coolness … go check them out! And in case the man in your life is looking a bit needy and nerdy and needs cooling-up – there’s a cool-papa collection just for him too. Aww, daddy-cool!

Colouring calmer …

As a ‘born in the 70’s’ kid, there really wasn’t exactly much in the way of ‘on tap’ entertainment – boredom was de rigour back then. Free play and creativity were positively encouraged as these were cheap as chips! One super-cheap form of entertainment I totally loved back then, was the good old and trusty colouring in book. I properly loved it. I had a huge collection of rainbow-inspired felt tip pens and took a huge amount of pride in my work – no going over the black lines!!!! Colouring-in in the 70’s and early 80’s was a serious business … Anywhooo, roll on umm, 20 + years (eeek) and what the hell?! My lovely (and super-creative sister-in-law) gave my daughter one of these ‘aimed at grown-ups’ colouring-in books – I couldn’t resist a little cheeky, sneaky colour-in (she’ll never notice, I told myself) … 2 hours later …!! Really!! Never, ever did I think I’d utter the following words but, here it is: I’ve rediscovered the joy and super-simple pleasure of the colouring-in book – all over again!! It’s sooooooo addictive. The concentration and focus needed (this is a serious business, remember!) to keep within the black lines is so calming … And it’s so cheap 🙂 – there are loads to choose from – a good starting point is good ol’ Amazon. Happy colouring-in! x

Yes! to Yushoi

Got the munchies? In serious need of a properly yum but healthy snackette? (especially on a weeknight in front of the TV?!) You have to try Yushoi Sweet Chilli & Lemon Snapea Rice Sticks 🙂 They are totally de-lish and (hooray!) are suitable for those of us watching our waistlines and vegetarians. In fact, as these little sticks of scrummyness are made from green peas (yup!) and rice – they’re protein-packed, high in fibre and low in calories. Go grab a bag of these zingy ‘actually-taste-super-nice-for-healthy-snacks’ now … They’re already on my shopping list! Enjoy … x

Jumping on the avocado bandwagon

There’s something super-satisfying about slicing open a gently softening avocado and scraping its squishy bright green flesh from its outer (& less desirable-looking!) skin! I am a totally paid-up member of the avocado fan club (does this exist?!) 🙂 Those luscious lovelies are yum. So, so good for you (they’re crammed full of brilliantly nutritious goodies – think a shed-load of vitamins and minerals, heart-healthy fats and they can help lower cholesterol) and totally satisfying. However, there’s nothing worse (disastrous even?!) than plotting avocado for lunch to discover, horror of horrors, that your avocado is. not. ripe. Arghhhh!

Note to self: get squeezing and gently squishing every avocado in the supermarket ‘avo box’ until you lay your hands on ‘the one’ (i.e. it has a little bit of squishy give).

I totally heart these pear-shaped wonders of nature – am just slightly harrumphing that they’re currently so en vogue -celebs it seems can’t get enough of them either …

Avocado slices on rye anyone? x