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Bee-utiful glass

Some of my fave glassware is by La Rochere. Super-simple but cute and oh so summery glass tumblers and jugs adorned with teeny bees (prices range from £5 – £18 per item). The only thing, is that my super-careful (not) children have a tendency to scratch, dent, (damage) most stuff, especially stuff they can throw nonchalantly in to the washing-up bowl 🙁 . I’m done with buying expensive stuff (for now!) and have learnt the hard way not to be toooooo precious about ‘stuff’!

So anyway, in a great example of ok-cost versus low-cost, I’ve found almost replica glassware in Home Bargains! Yup – check them out online where they sell a set of 16 bee glass tumblers for £16! A massive bargain to be had (and you’ll have lots of spares to allow for breakages, hooray!).

Maybe buzz off and see what other bargains are to bee (sorry! couldn’t resist) found there … x

bee glass

Be a happy natural :)

If like me, you like a bit of a bargain when it comes to body care products but equally want to pamper yourself with products that are full of good stuff for both you, your kids and the environment, then Happy Naturals is for youuuuu!

Their products smell super-lovely and ‘clean’ and their body scrub is brilliant. They’re full of good stuff and free of nasties like parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oils – which means that whilst you won’t get the usual bubbles in your bath, you will get super softening and amazingly scented skin 🙂

And, their products are currently on offer at Sainsburys – happy, natural day!

happy naturals

Are you getting enough VD?!

Now the buzz words this week are VD!! … Umm, stop! No need to head to the clinic I’m talking about Vitamin D and we need to be ready for the cold.

Yes I know we’ve just had the hottest day of the year but if you’re like me and like to indulge in a little bit of John Snow role play from Game of Thrones… then you will know the phrase ‘Winters Coming’, and that preparation is key.

As well as needing a heavy woolly coat to keep out the draughts in the coming cold months you will need to up your intake of vitamin D ie sunshine, fish and eggs! That doesn’t sound so bad 🙂

If you don’t want to simply pop a pill, then check out these recipes to get that healthy sunshine feeling all year long… 🙂


kw 954

Exercise excuses

Umm, so the thing is, I don’t really do exercise. I mean I walk super-fast, shaking my booty as I go, as I’m pretty much late for EVERYTHING. And I walk the dog. I bend up and down when hanging out the washing (good for your waist no?!). I have bags dumped on me left, right and centre by the kids when I pick them up from school (I AM the archetypal laden-down, harassed-looking, bag-carrying mummy – aka slave) – great for your arms. I take the kids swimming and kind of drift around, with my 8-year old non-swimmer-child firmly attached to me (umm hello weight-bearing and water-based exercise? No?!).

It’s that for me, both the idea of and the actuality of going to and participating in an actual exercise class (of any description) is like the biggest turn off ever for me. Anything with the label ‘exercise’ will elicit an immediate harrumph and shaking of head from me. As Mr Cowell would say, “it’s a no from me”.
I’m not massively lazy; I mean, I’m actually very, very busy (obvs) and there’s always stuff to do (usually requiring me to be in a stationary and sedentary position), and quite frankly, if I’m being very, very honest, I’m just not that bothered about doing exercise.

Yes, I know about all of the health benefits blah blah blah – I have lived a bit you know. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be super-lean and firm and all that stuff, I just live in a continuous state of delusion that one day, all the careful and healthy eating will (actually) pay off and without the help of even one stomach crunch or leg squat, I’ll wake up looking super trim …

Ok, so back to reality. I’m 44. My body is kind of changing I think. Weight is definitely harder to shift than it was even 5 years ago. Which means less calories are needed (what?!! crap) and I realise a ‘must try harder’ attitude is needed.

A quick visual assessment of my body (which I do love – just a teeny bit firmer please) indicates that legs and tummy are the areas to focus on – think waist down. So my challenge (which partner is (annoyingly) helping to enforce) is to basically do a shed-load of said leg squats, stomach crunches, planks etc. EVERY day and at EVERY empty-space opportunity. Think whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, when brushing teeth (leg squats only for this one – am thinking teeth brushing whilst stomach crunching could be taking multi-tasking a step too far) or whilst waiting for the bath to fill up. The golden rule though: never in public – empty-space opportunities such as waiting for the bus to arrive, or waiting for the kids to hot-foot it out of the school gates are not the time.

If, like me, you need a Mr (or Mrs) Motivator to keep you going, then have you come across The Body Coach? He’s on a one-man mission to get us all lean, clean and super-hot. Follow him on Facebook for free (and quick) toning-up tips and recipe ideas 🙂

No more exercise excuses!!



If you ever need to pack in a massive punch of nutritious body-boosting loveliness, then head to your supermarket and grab youself some ruby-red pomegranate beauties. These Mediterranean (it’s that Med diet thing again!) fruits are not only a spectacular colour but they’re delicious and nutrient rich and are briliant for your overall health.

They’ve been medicinally used for thousands of years to help fight against heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and some cancers, including prostate cancer. They’re also a good source of fibre and contain vitamins A, C and E, iron and other antioxidants – umm what’s not to love about these proper little nasties fighters?!

If you’re not sure how to deseed and collect the super-red pomegranate seeds and have a couple of mins to spare, check out this Youtube video clip of a very enthusiastic pomegranate deseederer!

For a good old nutrition boost, try adding pomegranate seeds to breakfast cereals and porridge (I’m thinking with overnight yoghurt-soaked oats), cold dishes and salads. They also work really well with lamb and Moroccon inspired dishes – in fact, check out Nigella’s warm shredded lamb salad with mint and pomegranate – delish 🙂