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Like many parents, since having children my life has become a whirlwind of multi-tasking, career tweaks and changes and a constant struggle to find the holy grail of balance, happiness and contentment!

Hence, I’ve spent the last 10 years working as a freelance writer, marketing and social media manager. I create marketing plans, write website content, blog posts and run social media accounts for small businesses.

I love writing (and talking/over-sharing actually!), so creating my own blogging site felt like a natural step, giving me a place to be creative and share family and lifestyle posts as well as writing about my work.

During summer 2017 we moved from Bath to Cornwall to be near the sea and enjoy all the amazing benefits this part of the world has to offer: beach life, the moors, the creativity …

We’re a busy family:
– two teenage boys
– 10 year old daughter
– too many animals (hamsters, rabbits, chickens and a manic but loving Springer Spaniel)
– an unruly allotment
– a house renovation
– a kayaking business
– a ridiculous number of sporting commitments (kids not me!) …

In short, a typical family trying to muddle through the usual trials of parenting, family life, teenage hormones, working commitments and all the rest of it!

My blog has evolved to become a place for me to share and write about:

Cornish Life – all things I love about life in Cornwall, the beaches and environment
Good’ish Life – all things to do with food and an attempt at growing-my-own via my allotment and rescue hen keeping!
Happy’ish Life – all the things that help bring me a bit of balance, happiness and contentment
Working Life – all things freelancey, marketing, writing and social media’ing

You can also find me:
– twittering away on Twitter
– sharing stuff on Facebook and Instagram
– talking all things marketing, social media and copy-writing on LinkedIn
– sharing social media, marketing and copywriting tips on my blog posts.

If you could do with an extra pair of hands or a bit of marketing or social media advice let me know! Maybe we could work together?

Karen Marcia x


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