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Kind and gentle

Nope, I’m not talking about the latest must-have moisturiser, I’m talking attitude. Yes, sometimes we need to be assertive and ‘on it’ and yes, we’re all frightfully busy, far too busy to take a breather, a step down as it were, but for me, it’s really important to let the other side of me out more often: kindness, generousity of spirit, gentleness.

Today whilst I was waiting for my train, a middle-aged man approached me. He was completely dishevelled looking and I’m not sure if he was quite aware of exactly where he was. He could have seemed quite frightening, in fact every other person he approached immediately ignored him finding their newspaper or phone suddenly super-interesting, or walked away. We only had a brief conversation but actually, what came across to me was that this man was lonely and probably a bit afraid himelf. I gave him approximately a minute and a half of my time before he decided he’d had enough of me, and shuffled off with a (very loud) ‘good day to you’…

Showing another human being genuine compassion and kindness and giving them a bit of your time (even if that’s only 90 seconds on a train platform) isn’t a form of weakness (as Rihanna would lead us to believe ‘all of my kindness is taken for weakness’ – no Rihanna!) instead, it’s no different to the old fashioned ‘doing a good deed’ for someone else kind of thing. By being kind, gentle, compassionate it actually has a positive effect on all concerned and (without wanting to sound all pious and a bit umm ‘my halo is shining brighter than yours’) really can make you feel a little bit sparklier about yourself 🙂