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Baby blush lips

I am a bit of lip balm addict; I’m a lip balm junkie in fact. I love (need) lip balm in my life. I find the simple act of applying lip balm calming and comforting; it’s literally become my comfort blanket!

I mostly love those lip balms that give a hint or mellow wash of gorgeous natural-but-enhanced colour, especially in the summer.

Vaseline Rosy Lips is probably my all-time favourite for it’s lovely colour (and price!) however, there’s a new balm in town and I love it! It’s definitely not aimed at my age group but ha, I’ve got a rebellious streak so have totally raided my local Superdrug’s teen make up aisle for this little beauty: Maybelline’s Baby Balm & Blush Booming Lip Balm in Ruby 🙂 It’s gives the most gorgeously plumped-up hint-of-glowy-red lips and is perfect for on-the-go lip balm application and thanks to the chunky applicator no need for dabbing (grubby!) fingers in pots of Vaseline … There are four summer-and-purse-friendly colours to choose from … Now blush off and get one x

lip balm 2

lip balm 1