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It’s a wrap …

Hooray for the beautifully sunshiney Indian summer that’s hit our shores this week. I love the warm and balmy days we’re having right now, followed by the cool evenings (and earlier and earlier nightfalls) … clear and starry skies! There’s definitely ‘something in the air’ though. Yep, in the words of John Snow (Game of Thrones fans will know what I’m talking about), “Winter’s coming”.

Which I equally love. If it’s possible to be a ‘fan’ of the changing seasons then count me in! (Is that a thing?) I love everything about this time of year but especially (and the most important bit of all) the buying of a new winter coat. Think big, cosy, soft, wrap around, enveloping, comforting, protecting …

And whilst today is definitely a flip-flops kind of day, my focus in the shops has been on the autumn update. Umm, obvs. So I’ve recenty discovered the ‘too cool for school’ poncho/wrap (I already have three (overkill?) – thank you H&M. These beauties are perfect for when you just need a little extra layer. You can wrap them around you a la comfort blanket style and they give a bit of a carefree but cute edge to an outfit (not that I’m over-thinking this or anything) 🙂 I realise that they have been around for a while but you know, I’m finally jumping on the wrap-and-go bandwagon! M&S have a lush range too – really nice sludgy, autumny colours (and no more expensive than H&M – just a bit more choice!).

However, for when the weather finally takes a chill-pill, I’m thinking that a cute new non-expensive cuddle-up-in coat is definitely on my autumn wish-list and so far, I have three contenders:

A gorgeous M&S olivey/khaki green brushed unstructured beauty; a super-simple but classic and sexy H&M pale grey felted coat or my fave (and typically the more expensive out of the three, but totally love, love, love), a beautiful leopard print from Boden. They’re all so different, equally lully, but differing in price (!) – umm, could I justify all three?!

I’m thinking it’s time to get desperately rummaging around online for lots of discount codes …

Happy cosy-weather shopping 🙂 x