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Questions I ask my clients before I start copywriting

Having written copy for many years now, I know that the key to copywriting success comes down to finding out and understanding as much as possible about a client’s business, their product or service, their customers and competition.

My fail safe way of doing this (beside my own research), and covering everything needed to get started involves an in-depth client brief –
based on a number of key questions. So before writing a word, these are the questions I ask my clients:

Tell me about your business. What’s the story / background?
What do your produce / what service do you offer?
What do you like most about your product or service?
What’s the main objective(s) for this project? What are you looking to achieve?

Who is the target audience? Tell me about this audience and what their needs are.
Who is your ideal customer? Tell me about them.
How can your product or service help solve a problem for your audience?
What’s the main call to action? What do you want your audience to do?
Do you have testimonials?

Describe your product or service. What’s your USP?
What are the key benefits of your product or service?
What are the key features of your product or service?
Tell me about pricing.

Who are your main competitors?
What do you do better or differently from your competitors?
Is there another business you’d like your business to emulate?

How does your audience find your website? What are the main sources of traffic?
What is your preferred writing voice? What is the tone and style? Friendly, formal, casual, fun, informative …
What are the key words or phrases you would use to describe your product / service?
Walk me through the purchasing process.
Final question – is there anything else your audience should know about your products or service?

I hope this helps! Do you have other questions you ask your clients to find out about their business, products or service?

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