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Hello gorgeous!

I’m not always so great at accepting compliments. I mean, I want to (who doesn’t secretly love a well-deserved compliment?) but the self-doubting, non-believer and non-deserving side of me is always a bit surprised, shocked and convinced that anyone complimenting me has an ulterior motive – what do they want? They must mean the opposite? “Oh god, I must look like sh*t today”, is what I’ll be thinking (instead of graciously accepting said compliment and leaving it there) – it must be a joke – a set up? Etc, etc, blah, blah, blah … Negative thoughts can (annoyingly) creep in pretty quickly after that 🙁

Which I know sounds totally ridiculous. And which makes me super-irritated and annoyed with myself. I might even have a bit of an ‘harrumph’ moment.

So anyway, a week or so ago, a mummy at school gave me a lovely compliment and well, I decided to take it. I basically had a word with myself and took and accepted that compliment in the way in which it was intended (with genuine meaning). I enjoyed the moment 🙂 and how it made me feel (a bit glowy!) and decided there would be no more daft over-thinking about receiving compliments. A gracious thank you is all that’s needed and a belief that I do deserve compliments.

Fast forward to today. Lunch-break – dashing out of M&S when a young man called to me “Hello gorgeous!” Yup, he was talking to me (I did that head swerve thing – looking and checking to see who else he might have been speaking to – and unless an old boy in his 80’s or a goth-teen-boy were his thing, he was, absolutely, talking to me). Normally I’d have dashed off at 90 miles per hour – a bit terrified – but today I took it 🙂 Yes, I thought, I am looking pretty gorgeous today with the rain and wind whipping my hair in a ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ sexy manner (!!) – and then I dashed off at 90 miles per hour – as said young man was collecting in the streets for a national charity … And yes, I know that his job was to charm and flatter mid-40 year old mummies like me in to handing over their bank details but well …

Bring on the compliments – I’m finally ready 🙂

Bikini body brushing & buffing

Sometimes, at this time of year, when about to reveal bits of my body that have been in a (very) dehydrated state of hibernation for the previous 6 months, I recognise that a bit of brushing, buffing, scrubbing and slathering is in order. Without question.

My routine goes something like this: every day for a week I body brush (downward strokes everyone) whilst repeating ‘be gone damned cellulite’, I apply fruity-smelling scrubs in the shower (yes even more body scrubbing) followed by a good old slather of ‘make me smooth and luscious’ body lotion (whilst visualising magically transformed long and lean goddess body) … and then (probably) the novelty wanes … until the next wave of sunny weather (or when I realise it’s the summer hols count down – eeeeek!), miraculously springs me back in to another frenzy of BBB (bikini body buffing).

Lovely Liz Earle has a great body brush (super-reasonable too) for helping to get rid of teeny lumps and bumps as well as a brilliant body care range. And if you’re in the market for a (ahem!) slightly cheaper (but obvs still as lovely and effective) range, then look no further than super-Superdrug for some scrummy-smelling and effective body scrubs and lotions!

Of course, you could also (at no cost) apply a big dollop of ‘not-giving-a-sh*t-attitude’ 🙂 and simply style it out!


Summer’s on it’s way – hooray! (Oh crap, I’m so not summer-ready …)

I love, love, love the fact that a mini-heatwave is predicted for this weekend – yay!! Love the sun and how it makes everyone blissfully happy 🙂

However, even though I’ve had since January to do the following (and get myself super-sunshiney-glowing) it’s umm not quite happened and I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon (big time): lose one stone; tone up via mega planking, squatting and thrusting; learn yoga (for a perfectly toned tummy); get hair stylishly cut and styled; get medi & pedi … and all that stuff.

Eek – so 5 months has now become 4 days to get summer-ready. In desperation, my last-minute summery-sun-kissed-goddess plan of action consists of:

No carbs; shed-loads of fruit & veg (please no spots due to rapid detox); no alcohol (that’s right – for 4 days – no alcohol); lashings of self-applied fake tan (I’m planning to look peachy-sun-kissed – though alas, my track record in applying to bronzing stuff is not great – but I’ll wing it – streaky is better than pasty right?); stomach-crunching like it’s going out of fashion and finally, most importantly, a bit of fakery attitude – which involves bunging on a summery dress that show off my best bits (little hint of boobs) and some wedge sandals to give me a bit of height.

Done. Ready. Bring on the sun! x

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