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Handbag heroes

Back in the day (aka pre children) the contents of my handbag were a) few and far between, b) super glamourous and c) never sticky!! Generally all I needed back then were lipstick, my phone, lip balm and purse.

Roll on 14 years and it’s a very different story. The contents of my handbag are mostly now a) sensible (tissues (a mix of new and used), wet-wipes, plasters, empty bottles of calpol, cheap bifocals), b) food-related (crumbly breadsticks, rotting fruit, forgotten sweets stuck to the inside of my bag) and c) school letters and parental slips (that have been signed and then forgotten about, now lying crumpled up and past their ‘must-send-in-by-date’, waiting for the next handbag clear out …).

I’ve come to realise that I am in fact a walking-vending-machine-come-cash-dispenser-come-clearer-upper-of-messy-things … I don’t actually mind this – I like to be a provider of things for my hungry, messy, sticky, (sometimes) bloody and sore and ever-money-hungry children.

This hand-bag transformation starts the minute you have your first baby in your arms – a sense of mild panic runs through you if you don’t AWLAYS at ALL TIMES have EVERYTHING with you that your little darling might need (you also suddenly realise that no ordinary handbag will cut it – your new best friend needs to be able to handle all sorts of emergencies and scenarios and carry EVERYTHING) – personally I was a fan of ‘the bigger the better’ (translates as ‘can fit more in’). If you’re currently on the look out for one of these bigger and better bad boys, Mumsnet do some great baby bag reviews for here and now …

I think this feeling of being a provider of easy-access comforts for your children never quite leaves you (it’s a major habit of mine), so even now, eldest child (aged 13 and 3/4) along with younger two, is still greeted at the end of the school day with a plethora of food (some healthy, some (shamefully) not so), wet-wipes (the child is incapable of eating anything without leaving the remnants around and on him and his surroundings), and  … complete control of the in-car entertainment (Kiss FM anyone?).

But anyway, lurking somewhere in this sticky and crumbly collector of random old receipts and shiny coins there are in fact some things that never change – my handbag heroes – lipstick, my phone, lip balm and (less) money. They’re just a bit more battered and bashed up than they used to be!


In-car essentials …

You know how it is. It’s 7.52am and joy, of joys, you’re on the school run. We face and survive it every day, however, every single day, without fail, as we’re all piling in to the car (squabbling over who’s going to sit where, who’s turn it is to sit in the front passenger seat blah blah blah (I’m good at zoning out now!)), my heart slightly sinks a bit with dread …

It’s the same old story – we get going (everyone’s is seated where they need to be), and then Child A sneezes – needs a tissue … I find one stuffed in the side of the car door (not sure how long it’s been there but …it’ll do). Child B has forgotten a snack for break-time … I rummage around in my work bag and pull out a slightly-squished ‘seen-better-days’ banana (think more black than yellow) – Child B is NOT happy. Child A sneezes again – another tissue is needed – urgently! Arghhh – I frantically, and one-handed (I’m TRYING to drive!!!), rummage around in the car door (pretty much this car door contains everything) and my bag – the only option is tissue recycling. All is well. Until, in a queue of traffic, a casual glance at Child C’s school shoes proves disastrous (why did I look?) – they are vile and disgusting and need a quick wet-wipe clean NOW (naturally wet-wipes are nowhere to be found …). Best option at this point is to turn the radio up – loud.

So, now, I pledge that my car shall always contain the following at all times:

wetwipes (perfect for grubby shoes, faces, hands and car interiors)
anti-bac handwash
– snacks (think teeny in-car ‘vending machine’ containing non-easily-squished foods: boxes of raisins, school bars, breadsticks, apples …)
– chewing gum (for queasy kids and cross mummies)
– plastic bags for all the rubbish (because, yes, our car floor is absolutely not a dustbin as far as my kids are concerned and they absolutely, always pick their rubbish up and carefully place in said plastic bag – obvs)

Happy school running everyone 🙂 x