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Pucker up please! Mwah!

I always used to be a smudgy-black-eyeliner-and-lashings-of-mascara kind of girl (think Claudia Winkleman style super-dark-panda-eyes). Lip balm was a dead-cert (I literally cannot survive without a handy pot of vaseline close by me at all times – it’s my comfort blanket!) but full-on coloured lipstick – too scary and for grown-ups and magazine model and celeb types only – surely?

My new found love affair with bright red lips started definitely post-divorce and by chance really; I was browsetting in my local Superdrug wishing I could still afford those lovely but far too (for me now in a post-divorce world) expensive branded skincare brands and make up … There was a teenagery girl near me wearing a bright red lipstick – she had the same colouring as me – I had to know what her lipstick secret was. What brand? How did she carry off the confidence to wear red lipstick? I quite possibly sounded like a complete mentalist but that didn’t stop me asking lots of questions – and before she knew it, this poor girl, who had innocently stumbled upon a mid-life-crisis crazy woman, was advising me on the perfect red for me 🙂

Ta dah!! Between us, two random strangers, we found it (it’s a cheapie because that was, and still is, where I’m at right now) – I love it: No 530 Fatal Red by Maybelline (probably aimed at teens but being confidently worn by this 40-something-year-old!). And I’ve never looked back 🙂 I love red lips – they make you feel confident, sexy and energised and they brighten your skin and face (hooray!) – now pucker up please! x

My red:

fatal red