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Nail it!

If like me, the concept of ‘spare time’ is completely lost on you then this is for you. I love a glossy, neat and shiny red or coral nail however, in my case, mine are more likely to look like either a) my eight year old daughter has ‘delicately’ applied the nail varnish for me or b) they’ve chipped so much I can almost get away with rocking a weird ‘style statement’ nail … Umm I think? Most of the time I simply hope to god that no-one can actually see my nails (in a burying-my-head-in-the-sand kind of way).

The thing is, I’m always in a rush, speed-hurtling from one thing to the next and so on (note to self to address my time management issues). So this is pretty much what happens EVERY time I apply a luscious new coating of nail varnish: I forget. Immediately. My brain has already moved on to the next task (think: loading the washing machine; loading the kids in to the car; getting dressed/undressed … blah, blah …).  And without fail, the result is always smudged nails. Brilliant. Btw, this doesn’t just happen in a DIY situation, I’ve paid good money for a manicure and for a brief few seconds my nails will look absolutely fabulously perfect … and then I’ll have to pay – I reach into my bag (scrabbling around with all the crap I fill it with), pull out my purse and ta dah! At least one sacrificial nail : ( As Homer would say “doh!”.

Anyway, I think I’ve sort of found a solution 🙂 Rimmel (I know I don’t exactly fall in to their target market however my budget means I’ve elbowed my way in to it) have a new’ish range of 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora (who?!) nail varnishes and they are PERFECT! The colours are super-lovely, the brush is wide giving great and even application (one stroke is enough!) and, most importantly, it dries super-quick – so even the most easily distracted can enjoy super-glossy non-smudgy nails. Hooray – think Rimmel have nailed it 🙂

My fave is Glaston Berry 🙂 a super-sunshiney-bright colour – buy it on offer at Boots now!

nail it



Pucker up please! Mwah!

I always used to be a smudgy-black-eyeliner-and-lashings-of-mascara kind of girl (think Claudia Winkleman style super-dark-panda-eyes). Lip balm was a dead-cert (I literally cannot survive without a handy pot of vaseline close by me at all times – it’s my comfort blanket!) but full-on coloured lipstick – too scary and for grown-ups and magazine model and celeb types only – surely?

My new found love affair with bright red lips started definitely post-divorce and by chance really; I was browsetting in my local Superdrug wishing I could still afford those lovely but far too (for me now in a post-divorce world) expensive branded skincare brands and make up … There was a teenagery girl near me wearing a bright red lipstick – she had the same colouring as me – I had to know what her lipstick secret was. What brand? How did she carry off the confidence to wear red lipstick? I quite possibly sounded like a complete mentalist but that didn’t stop me asking lots of questions – and before she knew it, this poor girl, who had innocently stumbled upon a mid-life-crisis crazy woman, was advising me on the perfect red for me 🙂

Ta dah!! Between us, two random strangers, we found it (it’s a cheapie because that was, and still is, where I’m at right now) – I love it: No 530 Fatal Red by Maybelline (probably aimed at teens but being confidently worn by this 40-something-year-old!). And I’ve never looked back 🙂 I love red lips – they make you feel confident, sexy and energised and they brighten your skin and face (hooray!) – now pucker up please! x

My red:

fatal red