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Treat yourself :) (aka impulsive purchase – and no apologies)

Sometimes (as in, rarely, probably) you’ve got to treat yourself. I’m not talking a cheeky bar of your fave chocolate bar or bottle of vino rouge. Nope, I’m talking a proper treat in a ‘what the hell’ kind of way. This treat is a bit more considered than the one you might have given or allowed yourself pre-children or when you earnt super-duper amounts of ££££’s, when money was, of course, no object.

Instead, this treat makes you feel a bit wild (blimey, if this is wild!!) and certainly makes you feel a bit naughty because actually, you really don’t need it – you simply want it (and anyway, actually, it doesn’t break the bank so you can totally justify it). So, I’m talking the sort of treat where, you know, you go into a shop to buy a pressie for someone else but then you spot it – the one – a lust-after-but-not-needed ‘thing’. Simply, love at first sight – you need in your life – end of. Irrational as it is – these little one-offs are super-important and you totally deserve.

So before you know it, ninja-style, you’re at the check-out, feeling deliciously content – a little something just for you. It’s now yours. A simple (and not-allowed-too-often but, often cheap-and-cheerful) pleasure – enjoy.

ps – my simple and not-a-necessity-in-my-life-but-I-want-it purchase was a cute velvet star purse (doesn’t every girl need one?) by Lua 🙂