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Make mine a mojito!

I love cocktails, however my cocktail shaking-it-up abilities are not exactly in the style of bartender Tom Cruise in the c1988 film classic ‘Cocktail’ … Not only do I lack the ability to actually concoct a large glass of deliciousness but if truth be told, I’m of the not-sure-I-can-be-bothered attitude when it comes to mixing my mixers (some might say lazy, some might say life’s too short!).

In an ideal world, I’d just sit back and relax whilst being served a beautifully made-with-love cuban cocktail. Sadly, this doesn’t happen too often in the comfort of my own home, so thank goodness for Lidl simply-chill-then-pour ready-made mojito in a bottle! Delish. You can totally taste the amazing combo of mint and lime – I just add a couple of slices of lime, ice and mint leaves (from my just-about-hanging-on-in-there mint plant no less!) and am good to go (get tipsy) – happy days!

If however, you do fancy having fun in the kitchen channelling your inner 80’s ‘I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar’ then Jamie Oliver has a great mojito-making video to inspire you 🙂

Happy shaking and stirring!