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Present-buying panic!

I’d kind of thought that with the summer being over, my usual wedding/birthday/christening/house-warming (etc) present-buying frenzy would also be over … My massive and ever-growing family have other ideas for October however; think one christening, a 30th, a 21st and an engagement … which is all lovely and exciting and makes me happy … however, besides these ‘special’ occasions there are other bog-standard birthdays to (contend with?!) shop for. Which sends my brain in to a bit of a spin as I harrumph around the shops and online in search of the perfect gift for each occasion. Which in turn is super time-consuming.

Stepping in to ‘save the day’ (excuse the pun) – hooray – are two brilliant godsends in the form of and that most creative of creative stuff Etsy 🙂

Whether you have 5 mins or 5 hours you’re guaranteed to find something cute, quirky, original, in your price bracket and simply perfect for your recipient. You can totally lose yourself in searching through sparkly vintage necklaces, cosy beyond-cute baby bits and quirky man stuff. I love both these sites for their original and not-to-be-found elsewhere products.

I think I’m sorted, so:

For the christening – a Personalised Noah’s Ark Print from

For the 21st and 30th I’m going with jewellery (thankfully both are for girls – easy!) and am thinking
personalised bracelets (final designs still undecided …) from

For the engagement I’ve gone to etsy for a rustic vintagey wooden picture frame (I cunningly already have a lovely photo of the happy couple) – I think it’s a plan 🙂

Present buying sorted and no longer a faff!