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The end of the ‘working’ week – hooray – you’ve made it …

… now all mummy needs is (any one of the following):

A large (home-poured) g&t

a 1L bottle of Gordon’s (love Gordon!) is currently on offer at the good ol’ Co-Op for £19.00
a 1L bottle of Bombay Dry London is £17 – track it down at your local Sainsbury’s 🙂
whip along to Waitrose to grab a 1L bottle of Bombay Sapphire (love!) for only £17.70!!

A glass (or more – probably!) of bubbly, fizzy stuff

Sainsbury’s have an offer on their Edizione 789 Di Mondelli Prosecco 75cl (it’s super-yum) – it’s £6.75 (normally £10) – sounds like a deal-breaker to me!
hot-foot it to Mr Tesco and grab a chilled bottle of Plaza Centro Prosecco 75cl for £6.50 a bottle.
amble (as in rush!) over to your nearest Asda and stock up on their Extra Special Prosecco – it’s another £6.50 bottle!

Decisions … (basically, which supermarket is closest …).

Happy Friday 🙂 x