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Furniture revitaliser :)

It’s not only our faces we can transform with a spot of makey-upy ‘painting’, but our sad or drab or child(pet)-wrecked furniture too.

I admit it; I’m a late convert to the whole upcycling, repainting and resusing or reimagining-of-furiture-movement. I’d never really understood the whole second-hand thing (eughh!) and charity shop browsing (what?!) until divorce sent my budget spiralling in the wrong direction … I am now a fully paid-up-member of second-hand furniture and bric-a-brac purchasing. In part, due to said spiralling-out-of-control-in-a-downward-fashion-budget but also because it’s very ‘of the moment’ – antiques and arts and crafts markets are springing up everywhere and are big business (my fave is the monthly bohemian and brilliant people-spotting Frome Independent Market ) – and I love them. I now totally get a buzz from a second-hand (ahem vintage!) bargain and owning something a bit different and unique and (sometimes) a bit battered (pre-loved!).

Some things however cannot be easily replaced when budgets are squeezed (think kitchen cupboards and built-in wardrobes – unless you’re a bit handy with a sledgehammer and your carpentry skills are top notch). This is where a spot of easy(‘ish) DIY but super-impressive repainting comes in (hooray). All hail then, Annie Sloane – the queen bee of repaint jobs 🙂 This great woman knows a thing or two about breathing new life in to old stuff. She is the furniture revitaliser! If anything (that doesn’t move) in your home is looking a bit tired, despondent, boring, grubby, non-sparkly … then consider a lick of furniture ‘make up’. Head over to Annie’s site for loads of inspiration, top tips, video ‘how to’s’ and stockists, and get creative. 

The thing I love most about the whole process of (re)painting is that for me, the rythmical and repeated actions have an almost calming effect (as long as a) there are no children or pets close by and b) I have sensibly covered stuff that’s most definitely not to be painted). My focus is purely on the action of painting, therefore temporarily parking all the day-to-day stuff whirring around my brain. Brilliant. And, at the end of the process I have a beautiful and bespoke piece of furniture (plus the ‘I did that’ satisfaction).

My project this weekend – to breathe new life in to two pine bedside chest of drawers (picked up at Bath artisan market for £25) … Happy repainting!