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September Gurls

Back in the early 70’s (a long, long time ago), the rock band Big Star summed up this time of the year in their ‘September Gurls’ single with the line ‘September Girls do so much’. And it’s so true. September is the craziest time of year with lots of new starts; in fact, for me, the whole back-to-school shenanigans kicks off in me (every year without fail) a proper feeling of nostalgia: think new pencil case, new pencils and pens, new school bag, new coat, new timetable to get stuck in to (I was a complete ‘keener’) and couldn’t wait to get back to school after the six-week break – true!

What I love about September is the feeling of change in the air. It’s not just about being back to school, back to work, back to the early alarm bell ringing (wtf!), back to crazy logistics and back to tearing hair out and screaming like a banshee at 7.44 am as youngest two fight on the back seat of the car EVERY morning en route to school … Nope, it’s the change of seasons – yay!

To some, that means new Autumn/Winter collections hit the shops and whilst I might browsette some of the fashion mags telling me what colours are in or out and what length skirt I should be wearing, the reality is that this time of year, all my fave colours are On Trend anyway (think sludgy, burnt, off-colour colours) which means I’m in luck as my fave (and frankly only affordable option right now) shop, H&M, will most definitely deliver the goods – hooray!

Once I’ve snuck a few olivey, khaki, browny, grey, woolly and cosy items in to the back of my wardrobe, I turn my attention to the other thing I love about September: reinvention. For me, more than the obligatory January resolutions, September always feels like a good time to start new things (it’s to do with the back to school thing). Maybe healthy eating, more exercise, sorting out finances … I’ve already started in fact. Think:

– finding out about local yoga classes (I WILL be taut, and firm and be able to wear leggings on the school run)
– working out when I WILL go blackberry picking and make enough crumbles to last all winter
– sterilising bottles and bulk gin-buying in the pursuit of the perfect sloe gin (hand-picked by moi of course in all that spare time I’ve got)
– declaring all five of us WILL eat dinner together every night and we WILL all eat the same meal (there will be no more fussy eaters in this house…)
– deluding myself that there will be no homework-related argument’s ever again – I’ve made a deal with the kids so surely nothing can go wrong – they’ve all agreed to come in straight from school and crack on with homework at the kitchen table whilst I lovingly create supper from scratch … Sounds idyllic.

In reality, what will happen is that all possible yoga classes will clash with my work/kid’s school/club commitments (shame); blackberry picking will be put on hold/forgotten and once remembered will be of the super-slim-pickings variety; most of the gin will be consumed before the sloes are added; the one-meal-for-all dinner plan will quickly be replaced by the much-used line (in our house) “who wants what?” and well, homework … where’s that gin?

However, it’s the thought that counts? I still love September. It’s the promise of an Indian summer, harvest foods, warming casseroles, log fires, long walks, cosying up and (usually) great TV! Bling on the Strictly 🙂