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Brilliant packing-a-punch bargain moisturisers :)

Much as I love this time of year for all it’s sparkliness and glitter and the whole excitement of the entire December lead-up to the big Xmassy day; the beautifully wintry days we (sometimes!) get and the cosying-up opportunities it brings, it does however, come at a price: dehydrated skin – boo hiss 🙁

At this time of year, good skincare is essential so a moisturiser that offers a great big hydration and plumping hit is a must! Sadly, most of the face creams out there that promise miraclulous transformations of your tired and parched skin are super-expensive – so I’ve done a spot of skin-soothing research and am armed with a few bargain-priced (all cost around £10 or less – yay!) but brilliantly effective skin saviours 🙂

1. Weleda Calendula Cream (Facial)
£10.76, Amazon – this cult skincare range was originally designed for baby skincare, so it has a super-gentle formula, is enriched with lanolin and organic almond oil to soothe the skin and maintain the moisture balance to banish wind-whipped and under-hydrated skin – hooray!


2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm – 300 ml

£3.60 (yup!) – ok so technically this is a balm rather than a moisturiser but either way, it delivers a massive hit of moisture and locks it in – these Norwegian’s know a thing or two about riding out their harsh winters so it makes sense that this skincare range is going to offer a max hydration boost too 🙂


3. Purity Facial moisturiser £6.29 – if you love all things organic and are a fan of (one of my fave organic skincare brands) Neals Yard, but are looking for an ‘easier-on-the-pursestrings’ option, then this is it: a light whipped-mousse moisturiser with a blend of moisturising, softening and moisture-retaining Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and antioxidant Vitamin E which helps condition, soften and balance the skin – perfect!


4. L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oils Nourishing Oil-Cream 50ml
£9.99 – this fab moisturiser is packed with anti-aging essential oils renowned for their anti-oxidant and soothing properties. It packs a massive hydration punch, plumping and soothing your winter-bashed skin, giving you a healthy glow!


Get your glow on!

At the top of my list of beautylicious desirables is dewy-soft and super-glowy skin, however finding a product that a) doesn’t break the bank and b) does-what-it-says-on-the-tin is not akin to finding the Holy Grail … So, step forward Superdrug’s (yes, Superdrug’s)  Simply Pure Hydrating Serum.

It’s brilliant (and only £2.69 a bottle!! £2.69!!!). It rehydrates and moistens and plumps and brightens, imparts a super lovely dewy glow AND it’s got a bit of a cult following by those in the know (late last year stocks ran out as crazy women who should’ve known better, stampeded through Superdrug’s doors to bag themselves a bottle (or two, or three … literally)).

Stock up now (umm I have) …

simply pure