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100 calories is what?!

I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to get to the age I have without knowing what 100 calories actually looks like … possibly becuase I’ve tried to mostly embrace the concept of healthy living (along with regular and large doses of g&t or wine ‘mummy medicine’ and regular falling-off-of-wagons on the side) as opposed to proper dieting and (boring!) calorie counting.

However,something isn’t quite right. I’m eating, drinking and falling off the wagon no differently right now to how I was even 2 or 3 years ago, yet my body is having none of it and there’s sadly no denying the fact that I appear to be slooooowly stagnating 🙁 And actually, even maintaining the status quo has suddenly become A. BIT. MORE. DIFFICULT. (gulp).

Something needs to change. So it’s in with yoga (for de-stressing body and soul and helping claim some kind of good posture back from a very slouchy one) and facing facts – my calorie intake needs a proper look-in.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if it’s fact or fiction, that as one approaches a middley-type age, the dreaded middle-age-spread and weight struggle is true or not, but for me, there’s definietly (sadly/annoyingly/frustratingly) a hint of it 🙁 boo hiss …

As I love my food way too much and am not prepared to give too much of it up, I decided to carry out a spot of proper scientific research; in other words – I consulted Mr Google to find out how many calories are actually in stuff and, more specifically, to find out what 100 calories actually equals (though I’ve only looked at the foods I tend to eat regularly).

For me, my healthy 100-cal foods (easy snacks – think ‘grab and go’) list includes: a small baked potato, 2 small cubes cheese, 8 cashews (8?!!), 33 seedless grapes, punnet of berries (yay! think raspberries, strawberries, blueberries …), a boiled egg, an apple, an orange, couple of carrots with (teeny bit of) hummus, a thick slice of wholemeal bread/toast (hooray!), three large slices of roast chicken or lean ham 🙂 Lovely.

But there are times when a big old sugar hit is needed. And for these occasions, even they can include ‘better choices’. For me, these include: 2 x jaffa cakes (50 cals each), Freddo frog (95 cals) or a small treat size bag of chocolate buttons (76 cals) – a naughty but not-so-bad hit in the grand scheme of things …

To feel balanced and healthy, not deprived, is what we’re striving for here.

The NHS has a brilliant calorie checker tool – you can input pretty much any food item you like and it’ll tell you all the nitty gritty need-to-know stuff.

So for me, my plan of action going forward is to try to be a bit more aware of snack-attack moments and have healthy but satisfying nibbles on hand to save the day (and hopefully my weight! Over time …) x