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Shady lady

Thank god for sunshine but equally, thank god for shades! They hide a multitude of tired-mummy and sunshine-enhancing imperfections and, they totally help to up the glamour stakes. They require zero effort but look so good, and no-one would ever know what horrors might be lurking behind them …

As a mummy of small children though, my days of designer shades are well and truly over (for now) – I’ve learnt the hard way (on more than one occasion) that very small children plus very expensive shades really are not a match made in heaven – never, EVER, leave said small children within reach of said expensive shades. It won’t end well.

Instead, these days I’m a massive fan of that high street fave H&M 🙂 They stock a brilliant selection of glamour-boosting and tired-mummy-eyes shades (and they’re pretty much all under a tenner – hooray!).

Spaniel’s are optional (though not available at H&M)!