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I think I’m an addict …

to tech. Think: smartphone, laptop, iPad, emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al.

I mean, I need these techy things in my life: they keep me organised and in contact with everyone and everything, and quite frankly, as I freelance, they’re my lifeline to work, networking etc. I totally, absolutely, completely, without question need these things in my life …

However, these brilliant techy aids come as a double-edged sword. When you have 24 hour access to all these sources of information (and things to keep up with), there’s quite literally no end in sight. It can be exhausting and stressy trying to keep up with everything and these techy bad boys love to lie around, tempting us to do yet another (little) ‘check in’. Which for me, usually equates to yet another half an hour wasted by pretty much just re-checking updates and statuses, scrolling through junk texts … whilst explaining to my eight-year old (tugging at me to sit with her on the sofa), that mummy is actually really very busy with work stuff (such a fibber!).

A recent week away (Scotland) in a lovely house with no wifi or TV (sounds very eeeeek – but actually was bloody great) has taught me that it is possible (yes, possible) to spend chunks of time without endless techy and social media check-ins. The world won’t have moved on too much and to be honest, a load of the stuff we spend scrolling through is a bit like wading through other people’s crap.

In terms of my addiction, I’m getting there, however it’s a bit like being in some kind of recovery; if I’m not actually ‘checking in’ or being tempted by Mr Google to look something up, then quite often I’m thinking about it (umm wtf?!). A bit like a big, fat slice of chocolate cake, I do find it totally hard to resist these terrible tempters but, a good compromise, I’ve found, is to leave my phone, laptop, iPad et all in a different room to me when in non-worky mode. However, it’s not easy and to be honest, a lot of the time, these techy tempatations prove, well, just too tempting (and of course, sometimes I do actually have real and proper work to do) – but baby steps I say!

Live by example is a great motto to apply here I think; if we want the young people in our lives to step away from their own techy addictions, then we have to make ourselves available to them by stepping away from our own 🙂