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Trying to be (more) grateful

Gratitude. Thankfulness. How often do you stop to list the things in your life you’re most grateful for? If you’re like me, then not very often – umm, helloooooo, busy mummy lady!!

However, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently (think it’s to do with that mid-age thing – I find my mind wandering about and thinking about all sorts of deep and sort-of-meaningful stuff …). Anywhoooo – gratitude. It makes you focus on the good things in your life – it really can help you gain perspective and in turn make you feel happier and thankful – for the stuff, people, health you have in your life.

And according to the sciency people who know sciency stuff, there are lots of positive side-effects: apparently being grateful and thankful you’re also more likely to be(come?!) fun-loving, optimistic, kinder, generous, resilient and it’ll put you in a better mood (no more moody-Mildred then!).

If this all seems a bit yawn-some and tedious but this post is maybe making you think you ought to give it a little go, then it’s actually easy-peasy to incorporate a bit of grateful attitude in to your life (with hopefully all the lovely side-effects!) – simply consider all the good things that can happen if you start reminding yourself, even just once a day, of all you have to be grateful about … x