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Sunny side up!

I don’t care too much about the age-old conundrum ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ – I just know that I love both! We have 6 cluckety and happy free-roaming rescue hens and they are super-good girls, laying us beautiful (and THE most tasty) eggs every day; the yolks are almost neon-yellow and make shop-bought eggs look a bit sad and pale in comparison. The simple pleasure of collecting freshly laid eggs in a little hay nest never leaves you (no matter what age you are!) and nothing beats the joy of tucking in to these perfectly formed little protein and engery-packed free-rangers!

As well as being one of the best forms of complete protein (which is a really good thing – esp. for vegetarians), eggs are full of other super-good things: essential amino acids, heart-healthy fat, vitamin D (keeps bones healthy and helps your body absorb calcium), vitamin B12 (for your metabolic and nervous systems) and iodine (for your thyroid and metabolism).

Not only that, but the humble egg is sooooo versatile to cook with, either on it’s own (scrambled, boiled, poached, baked or fried) but it works so well with, and in, tonnes of other foods 🙂


One thing; please, please try to buy free rangers or organic – they really are the best and we all want happy hens that definitely give back!

Skinny honey bee :)

In need of a sweet hit but trying to be a bit good and (sloooowly) backing away from the naughty aisle? Then hot-foot it to the crispy/savoury aisle (Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda or online at Ocado and Amazon) and give yourself complete guilt-free permission to grab a pack of Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn 🙂 Oh happy days! These popcornlicious lovelies are not only healthy-eating-friendly but are super-delish and will help curb a sweet-hit-emergency!

My favourite? It has to be honey bee x