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Wardrobe stagnation saviours

I’m definitely no fashion expert and have certainly suffered from my fair share of FFP’s (fashion faux pas), in fact there are too many to give credit to individually (although one did comprise a neon pink jumpsuit, a snow-washed denim jacket, blue eyeliner and a perm – there are no words – thankfully no photographic evidence survives …). Having had my fingers burnt when it comes to all things style-related, I try to stick to keep-it-simple ‘classics’, steer clear of high fashion mini-trends and super-implusive shopping is now (along with said neon pink jumpsuit), a thing of the past. However, even I recognise when items in my wardrobe have been hanging around for so long that they’re in danger of ‘celebrating’ their decade anniversary with me.

So, whilst I might not be in the position right now to fork out on a brand new dreses for every occasion the sparkly party season throws at me, I can induldge in a teensy bit of wardrobe accessory updating 🙂 which makes me super-happy as accessories can totally change an outfit and give you a bit of current ‘on trend’ kudos without having to spend like a crazy woman – yay! Think: finishing touches, pops of colour and mixing up those textures.

My current top 4 easy-and-budget-friendly Christmas-ready wardrobe updates (my wardrobe stagnation saviours!) are:

1. New Look velvet boots – if I can’t have the dress in a luxurious fabric then by god, it will be the shoes – and these sexy ones are super on trend, dance-floor friendly and will go perfectly with your existing LBD 🙂


2. Clutch bag – I love, love, love a clutch bag – they make me feel a little bit grown up and help me pretend I could actually be a bit sophisticated … My fave are by Boden – they have a brilliant ‘party clutch’ in a mix of velvet and metallic – perfect party pairings for your LBD (again!). Look out for Boden offers – there will be loads in the lead up to Christmas!


3. Statement earings or necklace – I’m a massive fan of big old Bet Lynch style chandelier earings – sometimes, bigger is better. H&M have LOADS to choose from and they’re all super-affordable – I mean, you could go crazy and buy more than one pair? They also stock some fab party-perfect necklaces including velvet (yup, more velvet) chokers as sported by the younger Kardashians – just saying.


And finally,

4. A cosy, sexy, shaggy jacket – sometimes sensible outerwear is a no-no and glamour must rule instead – especially at this time of year. There are actually loads of on-trend super-sleek, silky bomber jackets out there right now, but having done that look back in the early 90’s and not being sure it worked back then, I’m just not sure it’s a look I can pull off this time around either … (it’s a no from me). Stick with what works for you I say, and for me, that means a shaggy, fake-furry jacket as my wintry wardrobe update – hooray for H&M – they have this fab grey one – it’s on my Christmas wish list 🙂


So my advice, forget a new dress and instead, hit those shops (literally or online) and treat youself to a wardrobe update – because obvs, you’re definitely worth it!